V A Peterson
Funeral Service Ltd

Funeral Directors Cwmbran

V A Peterson Funeral Service Ltd are experienced Funeral Directors in Cwmbran offering professional and caring funeral services that are tailored to reflect your personal wishes. We are local funeral directors with our company history dating back to the 1920s. As a result, we have gained a local reputation for being trusted and professional undertakers that provide a wide range of affordable funeral services and prepaid funeral plans. Our services include arranging funerals, environmental funerals, burials, cremation services and repatriation. We cater for both religious and non-religious memorial services and also provide practical funeral advice. Let us take care of all the arrangements and relieve you of further upset at your time of need.

Funeral services provided by our independent funeral home in Cwmbran

As an independent funeral home, we offer bespoke funeral services across Cwmbran, Newport and Pontypool including:

Private Chapel

Our private chapel is undergoing extensive works to improve the experience of our clients.


We have a fleet of funeral cars, hearses and horse-drawn carriages.

Environmental funerals

We provide tailored environmental funerals that are perfect for the environmentally conscious.


We offer reliable worldwide repatriation services

Coffins and caskets

We can provide a wide selection of coffins and caskets, from traditional to truly bespoke.

Funeral flowers

We can arrange funeral flowers to make a fitting tribute to a loved one.


Quality headstones and beautiful monumental masonry to suit all budgets and tastes.

Practical advice

From advice relating to the first steps to take when a death occurs, through to registering a death and arranging a funeral, we offer support and guidance throughout the whole process.

Old couple hugging each other on a bench

Prepaid funeral plans

Prepaid funeral allows you to pay monthly contributions to your funeral and give you control over the funeral arrangements. Arranging your funeral in advance can help relieve your family of financial pressure to cover the cost when you pass. We offer a wide range of affordable prepaid funeral plans through Golden Charter.

Why choose VA Peterson Funeral Service?

We are independent funeral directors offering bespoke funeral services at affordable prices.  As independent undertakers, we have the freedom to tailor our funeral services to your wishes. This is because we are not bound by the restrictions that national funeral service providers must adhere to. As a family business, we dedicate our lives to providing the local community with dignified funeral services. From first contact through to making funeral plans, the ceremony and burial or cremation, we are here to support you every step of the way.   

Funeral planning by professional funeral directors Cwmbran

If you would like to arrange a chat to discuss funeral planning we can either visit you in the comfort of your own home or you can visit our funeral home here in Cwmbran. Our experienced and qualified funeral directors will listen to your needs while respectfully guiding you through the process.