Coffins & Caskets

At V.A. Peterson Funeral Service, you can be assured our entire range of coffins & caskets are of the highest quality. We pride ourselves on helping customers to choose the best receptacle for their loved one, and have a wide variety of models and styles to suit all tastes and budgets.

Coffins & caskets have traditionally been thought of as wooden, but increasing interest in eco friendly designs and a cross-pollination of cultures has led to an assortment of new materials. We have detailed some popular choices below:

Wood is a perennial favourite, with every timber from oak, to mahogany and pine being used. For cost effective options, some customers opt for veneered coffins. These come with a wood veneer so the attractiveness of the coffin is not compromised. If a hard wood option is chosen, then a range of elaborate carvings to decorate the coffin are possible.

Other plant fibres aside from wood are used. The renewed emphasis on living a green lifestyle has led to people choosing an environmental approach to their funeral. Coffins woven from wicker are a beautiful choice. These wicker basket style coffins can also be made from quintessentially English willow to the more exotic banana leaf. There are also cardboard coffins, which can easily be designed into different styles and offer a good choice of decorating possibilities. All these materials biodegrade back into the Earth naturally.

Wool fibres are woven together to form thick felt panels, which, when stretched over a thin wooden or cardboard frame, creates a coffin. This style is often accompanied by a woollen shroud, evoking centuries old burial traditions. The fibres can be dyed a range of colours to suit the personality of the deceased.

Coffins & caskets can be finished with differing options for handles and nameplates. Rope and cord handles are often used on plant fibre coffins, while metal plates are traditional for wooden coffins. Wood and cardboard can be hand finished with painted designs or collage, choosing pictures that evoke the life and interests of your loved one. V.A. Peterson Funeral Service are on hand to help guide you through the choices.