Environmental Funerals

Here at V. A. Peterson Funeral services Ltd, we’re just as conscious of our impact on the environment as our clients. More than ever, people are aware of the footprint they leave on the world around them and are looking to minimize this impact at every stage of life, including death. At V.A. Peterson Funeral Services LTD, we take every step to ensure people have the green funeral services they want, remaining as friendly to the environment as they were in life.

Environmental funerals have seen an increase in popularity in recent years, owing to a growing awareness of the world around us, and the relative inexpensiveness of such services. We ensure the funerals we provide leave a minimal footprint, opting for bio-degradable materials whenever possible, and steering clear of harmful chemicals, pollutants and material waste. With most environmental funerals, the deceased are placed in simple caskets made from wood or another degradable materials, and can either be cremated or buried at a designated site. The rise in green funerals has seen an increase in woodland burials and more natural resting spots, with the departed placed into a simple grave without the use of concrete or plastic liners. All caskets and coffins supplied by V.A. Peterson are made from environmentally-friendly woods, sourced from sustainable forests throughout the United Kingdom. For those after something simpler, cardboard caskets and wicker coffins can be selected in advance by special request. Those looking to keep a service as green as possible can forgo a fleet of cars in favour of a traditional horse and carriage, saving the cost of fuel and impact of pollutants, whilst still providing a fitting tribute and final transport to the deceased.

If opting for a woodland burial, a designated plot must be purchased before the service. In these areas, graves are usually left unmarked, or identified with discreet markers for friends and family to identify the resting spot of their loved one. People are encouraged to plant flowers or trees at the spot of a woodland burial, providing a long-standing and entirely natural memorial and marker at the grave site. After the service has been held, relatives or next of kin will receive deeds of ownership of the woodland plot purchased, giving them complete peace of mind. For those who wish to be buried alongside their loved ones, plots can be purchased in advance. Speak to one of our friendly team today for answers to any questions you may have.